Pillo for Remote Health

Pillo for Remote Health

Pillo Health humanizes in-home connection & monitoring

Our platform can be customized with your remote patient monitoring and telemedicine program requirements to allow care teams to remotely track the health of their patients at home, collaborate with the patients’ doctors and family, and detect problems before they lead to readmissions while lowering overall healthcare costs.

If you're looking for new ways to engage with your customers, improve health outcomes, and lower overall costs, we'd like to hear from you.

Key Benefits of Using Pillo for Remote Patient Monitoring

Smart hub for in-home connected medical devices to compile and report health data.

Proactive reminders and interactions promote healthy user habits to improve monitoring and overall well-being.

Humanized medication management solution that is attractive to both users and healthcare providers.

Large screen to push interactive, customizable condition-specific content.

Key Benefits of Using Pillo for Telemedicine

Built-in camera to power video calls supporting easy access between patient and healthcare provider.

Stores, proactively reminds and securely dispenses up to 28 days of medication.

Collects and reports actionable adherence data to improve well-being.

Easy to use voice-first interface to streamline engagement with the device.

Key Features & Customizations

Sure, Pillo can serve as a useful home assistant value such as reminders, nutritional information, weather, and time keeping, but Pillo also delivers these important health and medical features that simplify and streamline complex medical regimens.


Integration with existing telemedicine services to connect users with healthcare professionals through video calls.

Medication Management

Refill prompts, personal proactive alerts, caregiver notifications.

PharmaC Solution

Pharmacy-packaged disposable medication cartridges that slot into our device for precision and ease of use.

Medical and Drug Information

Detailed information on user medications, including drug interactions.

Socially Connected Health

Connection to loved ones and care partners with the ability to check in through alerts and video calls.

Provider Care Portal

Online web portal to control, monitor, and interact with devices connected to Pillo


Permission-based drop-ins from emergency providers through PERS alert.


Ride service connection to provide ease of access to medical appointments.

Let's bring health home together

If you are looking for new ways to engage with your customers, improve health outcomes, and lower overall cost, we'd like to hear from you.