Building Pria By BLACK+DECKER

The world’s first AI Powered “Home Care Companion” for Family Caregivers.

About Stanley Black & Decker

Since 1843, Stanley Black & Decker has been creating solutions to empower people to build, connect and protect the world. Their practical, meaningful products and services are designed to make life easier for customers and their families.

The Challenge

One of the greatest challenges of the next 30 years is often referred to as “The Crisis of Care.” Even as the number of unpaid family caregivers reaches 45 million, there simply aren’t enough to support our aging population. Moreover, caring for a loved one involves a host of challenges, not least of which is the inevitable shift in relationship dynamics. Conversations often evolve to focus on “dos and don’ts,” while higher value, love-filled touchpoints – which are essential – become a distant memory. Both parties feel this stress, which trickles down to other relationships, and difficult situations begin to seem more overwhelming as everyone experiences a decrease in independence.

BLACK+DECKER, a brand trusted by millions of households in America, recognized the potential in Pillo Health’s home care platform and approached the team to develop a customized solution that would make it easier for family caregivers to provide remote support to an aging loved one, while also empowering older adults to “age in place” in the comfort of their own homes.

A Tailored Partnership

The Pillo Health’s proprietary Proactive Health Cloud and voice-assistant technology, allows for the development of customized, in-home, multi-channel, digital health solutions tailored to the unique needs of our customers and their end users. In the case of BLACK+DECKER, this meant focusing on features that would appeal to aging adults and those looking after them – both in the device and a customized mobile app to connect caregivers to loved ones no matter where they are.

Our teams worked to understand how and when the end-user would be taking advantage of the device, and then created a solution uniquely designed for those moments in time. If not for the inherently customizable nature of the Pillo Health platform, this process would have taken substantially more time and investment from both organizations. Once the device was nearly ready for launch, our teams collaborated on messaging and marketing materials based on qualitative and quantitative consumer research, understanding what matters most to the caregivers in particular, knowing they will likely be the primary purchasers of the product.

The Solution

Stanley Black & Decker’s team decided to name their solution Pria, a name aptly inspired by a Hindu phrase that evokes the sense of wholesomeness the device intends to bring to the home.

Pria is the world’s first Home Care Companion designed specifically for family caregivers and their loved ones. Via her unique in-home, voice-first, secure interface she is able to assist with daily tasks like dispensing medication, delivering therapy reminders, scheduling appointments and seamlessly connecting patients at home to their care teams on-the-go via audio and video calls. She uses facial recognition to ensure privacy and keeps authorized family caregivers informed about the health status of their loved ones via real time health notifications and alerts sent directly to their mobile phones.

Pria launched in-market in September 2019 and is already seeing immediate interest among its target consumer segments.

Our Partners

The team's passion for the mission was palpable. That combined with their impressive knowledge of the healthcare space and impeccable attention to detail made the experience seamless. We are proud of the relationship, and of our new product called Pria!

Sean O'Brien

Director, Health@Home Technologies

Stanley Black & Decker

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