Meet Pillo,
The Home
Health Companion

Our Feature Device Is Customized to Your Needs

We affectionately called her ‘Pillo’.
What would you name yours?

Derek Hatchett

Commercial Director

Pillo Health

Key Benefits

Proactive, Voice-First Technology

When it’s time for a dose of medication, Pillo wakes up and proactively alerts users, improving engagement to health regimens by encouraging, guiding, and connecting.

Bridging the gap

Our real-time alerts and video-calling capabilities allow professional and family caregivers to monitor the health of a loved one remotely, improving compliance and adherence without sacrificing their independence.

Safety and Personalizations

Pillo Health devices use camera and biometric technology to ensure that information and medication are provided to the correct user. By knowing who she's interacting with, our assistant can personalize the experience to their needs.

Are your customers’ medicine cabinets this smart?

Made Simple

Our assistant guides users through the loading process via voice and on-screen visual instructions. There's no more need to sort pills, set timers, or worry about making mistakes. Our device can store up to 4 weeks of medication. And when it's time for a refill, our assistant will alert the user.

Hi Sarah, it’s time to load your medication.


When dispensing medications, Pillo follows a secure patented process, which includes facial recognition or PIN entry as well as a combination of sensors to confirm delivery of medications.

Hi Sarah, it’s time to take your dose!

on the Go

Your customers can use our connected mobile application to see their medication schedule on-the-go and track their health data. With their permission, the app keeps loved ones and caregivers in the loop by notifying them about any missed doses or responses to check-in questions.

Hi Susan, Sarah missed her morning dose.

Pillo Health

Published on 12 Oct 2018

Introducing Pria by BLACK+DECKER

Meet Pillo Health’s first consumer product, Pria! Launched in September 2019, Pria is the combined vision of Pillo Health and Stanley Black & Decker. Check out Pria’s website, browse custom features, and perhaps even place an order for a loved one! Pria by BLACK+DECKER powered by Pillo Health is helping the world get one step closer to at-home health independence.