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In 2015, we set out to empower older adults living with chronic conditions to live healthier and more independent lives in the comfort of their own homes. To do so, we put together an incredible multidisciplinary team of doctors, entrepreneurs, engineers, and user experience professionals who deeply value integrity, autonomy, and empathy. And in 2018, Pillo Health was born.

Pillo Health, Boston

Our Boston office is home to our leadership, product management, user experience & research, and commercial partnerships teams with experience in healthcare, robotics, and human-centered design.

Pillo Health, Genova

This is where the magic happens. Our software platform, devices, and services are all designed and developed in-house by a tenacious group of talented engineers, designers, and developers.

Our Leadership Team


Emanuele Musini

Emanuele Musini

Emanuele Musini

Whether he’s selling highbrow delicacies or high-tech B2B products, Ema is a serial entrepreneur with a history of identifying opportunities, driving new businesses and attacking challenges head on.

James Wyman

James Wyman, CFA

CFO & Co-Founder

With his diverse background, ivy league pedigree, and incredible mind, James brings profound insight, high intelligence and a lot of common sense to Pillo Health. Oh, and he’s a great guy.

Brian Eberman

Brian Eberman


It’s not quite clear whether or not Brian is a robot himself. An accomplished C-suite executive who will geek out for complex technical strategies, product architectures, and operational leadership.


Emanuele Baglini

Emanuele Baglini


Looking for a highly committed, technically competent AND energetic culture leader? Cue EB. A tech phenom and lifelong learner with a Masters in Computer Science, Robotics and a Doctorate in ‘Getting it Done Right with a Smile.’

Antonello Scalmato

Antonello Scalmato

Director of Cloud Services and AI

He has a PhD in Ambient Intelligence & Robotics with 21 published academic papers, and also has a patent on Context Awareness in the Smart Home. So, calling our resident University of Genoa lecturer an expert would be an understatement.

Paolo Vernazza

Paolo Vernazza

Director of Device Development

After earning a master's degree in software engineering and a doctorate in robotics, Paolo decided to tack on teaching himself the intricate world of the Android and published one of the most downloaded applications in Italy with over 1M+ downloads. No big deal.

Our goal was never to build a smart device. From the very beginning we set out to create ‘someone’ - a true Healthcare Companion for the Home.

Emanuele Musini, CEO & Cofounder

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