Meet Pillo

The smartest and friendliest way to manage yours and your family’s health.


Your Personal Home Health Robot

Pillo empowers people of all ages to better manage their health. He can answer health and wellness questions, connect directly with healthcare professionals, and securely manage vitamins and medication; storing, dispensing, and even ordering refills when required.

  • State of the art voice and facial recognition technology
  • Secure storage and dispensing of your vitamins and medication
  • Reminders, alerts & mobile notifications via the Pillo mobile app
  • Wirelessly syncs with wearables and smart home devices
  • Intelligent platform enabling new and exciting features

Created for your peace of mind

Pillo is always on call and there to help. In addition to managing your medications and supplements, he answers your health questions, reorders your medications from your pharmacy, and even connects you directly with doctors.

A companion for your family

Pillo brings the family closer together. He sends notifications to your loved ones when medications are missed. Pillo sees and hears you to keep you healthy and safe.

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